Java Intel AMT

  • What : A set of simple tools to work with Intel AMT.
    With docs to show how to develop software using Intel AMT (a management technology from Intel).

  • License : The software is released under L-GPL, so it's totally open source but you can also use it from your commercial software (see license for details and ask your legal dept).

  • AMT : AMT is a management and security technology from Intel, included in "VPro" laptops and desktops. With AMT you can do a lot of things, like remote power control, control your network interface, reinstall machines over the network ...

  • How : AMT can be controlled via SOAP message, here with Java JAX-WS, a standard Java technology included in recent JVMs. Generating java files from the WSDL descriptors and learning how to play with them.

  • Support : This is not an Intel supported project. For Intel Support see :

  • Quality : I'll do my best but this software is more a repository of code samples than a production software. Don't expect anything and test.

  • Contact : If you use this software please tell me (, I'm curious !
    Don't forget the Intel AMT Forums :

  • Download : The project is hosted as SVN repository, you can get it with the command :
     svn co javaintelamt 
    Or just download the .tar.gz archive file

  • SF project page :